Pam guides Property Business Owners to grow their businesses, increase profits & create a world class team using his 20+ years of experience in the industry.


Why Work With

Recommend replacing with 1-3 min video so prospects get to know you. Or minimum an image showing credibility, speaking on stage etc.

Expertise & Experience

Pam Featherstone spent over a decade years in the construction industry working at board level for several well known 50M+ businesses. Since then he has coached dozens of businesses in the industry.

Accredited Profit Coach

Now, as a fully accredited Profit Coach, Pam specialises in helping business owners find the hidden profits and untapped opportunities in their organisations, put the best systems and processes in place to ensure everything runs smoothly, and create a long-term strategy that builds a robust company and secure future.

The way Pam works

Enjoy Your Business

To stay in the business, driving it forwards spending just a couple of days on it a week - at most) because business is in your blood.

Sell Your Business

To be able to sell your company to the highest bidder because it's such an easy organisation to manage.

Hire Someone To Run It

To hire an MD to run the business for you whilst you enjoy a passive income and live the lifestyle you desire.


Pam's Story


Cut me in half, and you'll find the word business throughout my core.

Replace with your story but focus it on your experience you developed. Also can change the title.


In the third year, I started again.

Your Story focused on transition and gaining experiencience


I Know The Obstacles You Face

Replace with your story of the results you have helped clients get. If you are new talk about results in your career that you are excited to help clients get.

Use a proven 9 Step system to turn overwhelm & overwork into a business that is a money making machine that runs itself.




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The old Rectory, Halsham Yorkshire HU12 0DD

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